Australian Wounded & Missing

Australian Wounded and Missing

These files, prepared by the Australian Red Cross, consist of approximately 32,000 individual case files of Australian personnel reported as wounded or missing during the First World War.  Some New Zealanders are included in here also.


The files were created by the Wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureau of the Australian Red Cross, which was a branch of the British Red Cross. The Bureau, which commenced operation in October 1915, sought to identify, investigate   and respond to enquiries made regarding the fate of Australian personnel.   It investigated the majority of personnel posted as wounded and missing on   official Army lists, as well as written enquiries from concerned relatives and friends. In 2002, the files were digitised to preserve the fragile original   documents and to provide greater public access to this valuable and unique   information.


While the bulk of the records relate to those in the Australian Imperial  Force (AIF), there are a few that relate to Australians wounded, missing or captured while serving with the Merchant Navy or as civilians in occupied countries.

1 thought on “Australian Wounded & Missing

  1. The POWs, Wounded and Missing for the NZEF are recorded in the NZEF List of Casualties which was published in a series of approx six monthly books. It is accessible on and microfuche copies (not a great quality scan actually) were available in some major libraries.,+1914-1918+-+new+zealand+-+registers%22&c_subject_logic=or

    Outside of the NZEF, I have not seen a list however Errol Martyn’s series on Air Force NZ casualties is a very valuable source for this.

    The navy and merchant navy are work in progress ….

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