N.Z. Expeditionary Force (WW1)

Follow the following steps, in sequence, to access the range in internet based information available for your soldier

Cenotaph Database: Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum’s Online Cenotaph is a living memorial to those who served New Zealand on active service during times of international conflict.

A national initiative, Online Cenotaph is a biographical database that allows researchers, enthusiasts, and veterans and their families to explore, contribute to, and share the records and stories of those who served for New Zealand.

Developed since 1996 Online Cenotaph pulls together information relating to individual service people from a wide range of sources—military and other government records, newspapers, as well as information from families and community groups. Eventually, the database will contain a record for every person who has served for our country on active service.

Personnel Record: Archives New Zealand (Archway)

This Series covers the original personnel files, military history sheets, and microfilm strip copies of original personnel files of New Zealand Defence service personnel. Generally the files in this series start from 1899 and the commencement of recruitment for the South African (Boer) War although a few of the files were created, and record military service, prior to that date. Most of the original personnel files were destroyed by Defence after being microfilmed in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Those original files which were retained mainly cover officers and some senior non-commissioned officers, but also include some other junior military ranks. [A reliable full function search is provided here. Archives NZ search engine is rubbish.]

Debt of Honour Register: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The “Debt of Honour Register” is the Commission’s database listing the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars and the 23,000 cemeteries, memorials and other locations worldwide where they are commemorated. The register can also be searched for details of the 67,000 Commonwealth civilians who died as a result of enemy action in the Second World War.  The register is also searchable by cemetery / memorial and will provide a list of all those interred or remembered there.

WW1 Army Unit Histories New Zealand Electronic Text Center (NZETC)

There are a variety of histories published based on information sourced from regimental diaries (now held in Archives New Zealand).  These books are often not well indexed (if at all).  Each covers the period in chronologically and can therefore be read in conjunction with an individual’s service record to provide context for the personnel file entries.

Copies of the original books exist in research sections of most major public and university libraries will have copies.  Facsimile copies can be purchased by mail order over the internet from Naval & Military Press for a fraction of the cost of an original (now rare) copy. http://www.naval-military-press.com

Honours and Awards: London Gazette

The London Gazette is the Official Newspaper of Record for the United Kingdom. It is a cross-governmental resource, bringing together data from numerous official sources and enabling users to cross-reference official information easily.  A number of supplements are published.  The best-known are Honours and Awards supplements (including the Queen’s Birthday and New Year Honours and awards for valour).  These supplements provide details such as citations for honours and awards, including those to NZEF.

also McDonald, W. (2001). Honours and Awards to the NZEF in the Great War 1914-18. Napier, New Zealand: McDonald.

Wayne McDonald’s book provides an alphabetical listing of award winners, including nurses. Notes rank, regiment, citations (with original London Gazette references). Includes Mentioned in Despatches.

Studholme, Lieut-Col J. (ed). (1928). New Zealand Expeditionary Force record of personal services during the war of officers, nurses and first class warrant officers; and other facts relating to the NZEF. Wellington: Government Printer.

Copies can be located in The Armoury Information Centre, Auckland War Memorial Museum as well as research sections of most major public and university libraries.

This  book contains invaluable detail particularly referring to awards and honours and details of rank held by all Officers, Nurses and WO1.  Details included in the book include:
•  Officers career summaries
•  Troopship movement details (departure and arrival dates and places)
•  Lists of award recipients (no citations).

N.Z. Army. (1915-1919). New Zealand Expeditionary Force. List of Casualties and a summary of casualties in order of units (Book I to XIV). Wellington: Government Printer.

Copies of this publication are difficult to find.  The information relating to each serviceman is also recorded in their individual personal file. Listed by unit are:
•  Killed in Action
•  Died of Wounds
•  Wounded
•  Missing (including POW’s)
•  Died from other Causes.

Includes name, rank, service number, unit and date casualty reported.  Each book is indexed by service person’s name.

Photographs. Auckland Weekly News

Auckland War Memorial Museum holds copies of the Auckland Weekly News for the war period containing  photos of the soldiers reported as casualties.  Some photos have been  digitally scanned and are on Cenotaph Database.

Auckland Public Libraries

Auckland City Libraries holds a collection of around 26,000 half plate and whole plate negatives, saved from the attic of a building about to be demolished in Queen Street. It is likely the building housed Schmidt’s studio. About 4,500 of these form the First World War Soldier Portrait series, which have been scanned and are now available in Heritage Images Online.

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